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Question: How long does the battery last when DanceLight is running?
Answer: Approximately ten hours. Your mileage may vary depending on which mode DanceLight is in, your version of the operating system, the temperature of the battery, and how bright your screen is set to. This test was run in a fringe reception area with airplane mode off and a WiFi link nearby on an iPhone 3G using Music Mode. The Colororgan modes do a lot of computation so expect less battery life when using them. Generally if you run DanceLight for several hours you should still have enough battery for a phone call or two.

Question: How can I get the light to blink using my own music playing on the iPhone/ipod?
Answer: Apple doesn't allow programs to read the audio stream when music is playing and only one application is supposed to run at a time. A trick that may work is to start the music playing first, then run DanceLight, and quickly before it opens double tap the Home button (the main button on the iPhone/iPod). After you double tap, the iPod control window will open. After DanceLight is running then press play on the iPod control window and close the window. Now the music player will run in the background and DanceLight will run in the foreground. This only works because Apple apps are allowed to run in background mode. However, the iPod app may send an interrupt to DanceLight in which case DanceLight will stop sampling the microphone and there is currently no way around this. Try it, if it works for you great! Don't expect it to work though. Perhaps if you're running an older version of the operating system...or maybe a future version...

Question: Will DanceLight work on the iPod Touch?
Answer: DanceLight will work on the 2nd Generation iPod Touch. However if you don't have an external microphone plugged in only the Shake It and Tilt It modes will work. DanceLight has not been tested yet on the 1st Generation iPod Touch.

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